Milepoint Members Enjoy A Hyatt Happy Hour

What do you get when one of the most likable executives in the travel industry invites 25 or so frequent travelers to come have a drink?  The Milepoint/Hyatt Happy Hour. No question I’m a Hyatt HomerTM.  But I think the attendees at this event would all tell you Hyatt threw a good party.  Jeff Zidell, […]

Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Book Hyatt Awards At The Old Prices

January 6th is the last day you can book an award night at a Hyatt hotel before they raise the price of most redemptions. Hyatt gave everyone notification just about 2 months ago that the new rates would go into affect on January 7th, 2014.  One of the more significant parts of the announcement was […]

Don’t Forget To Register For Hyatt’s New Fall Promo

Registration officially opened yesterday for Hyatt’s fall promo, New Possibilities. You need to register here.  It’s always a good idea to register for promos even if you don’t think you’ll have a stay during the promo period.  It’s so easy to forget later on when travel plans change, and it’s free to register.  Hyatt is […]

Hyatt’s New Fall Promo: New Possibilities

I’m running a couple days behind reviewing Hyatt’s fall 2013 promo.  On whole, hotel promotions have been less rewarding then in year’s past as occupancy and rates have risen.  On it’s face, I’m reasonably pleased with the Hyatt promo based on those circumstances.  It’s a promotion based on the number of nights stayed during the […]

It’s (Way Past) Time For Hotel Chains To Take More Control Of Their Inventory

Dear Hyatt (and Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, though I don’t value each of you as much as my Hyatt relationship), Why do you let the likes of Expedia control so much of your inventory? Sure, choice is good. And, there are plenty of infrequent travelers that use online travel agencies (OTAs) to figure out where they […]

Save $50 On Travelocity Hotel Booking With Their Mobile App

Just saw this advertised at DFW airport. Essentially, you download the Travelocity mobile app and receive $50 off a hotel booking through Travelocity. There are a few terms and conditions to consider. First, this only appears to be valid for “Good Buy” offers, not all hotels and rates. Second, it needs to be a minimum […]