Tips For Sightseeing In Rome


I wanted to take a quick break from my post about our recent trip to Italy to share a few quick tips on ways to navigate the city.  In case you missed the previous posts, here’s a list along with what’s upcoming: United Airlines To Rome St. Regis Rome Vatican Osteria 44 Photo Essay of Angels & Demons A Quiet Meal At Cul de Sac Trevi Fountain (Semi) Closed For Business A Fast Train To Venice St. Regis San Clemente Island Hotel Danieli Antico Pignolo A Quick Trip To Murano… Read More »

Discounts On Starbucks, JetBlue, Hyatt and SPG

Lots of great discounts to take advantage of right now.  Let’s get right into it: Discounted Starbucks gift card on Groupon today.  Probably won’t last long! JetBlue has a 2-day 20% off sale on a whole ton of dates and not a lot of blackouts.  If you’re thinking about travel on JetBlue between now and mid-February, think about booking it now. Hyatt gift cards 15.5% discount, with a bit of elbow grease. Starwood Preferred Guest is having a pretty cool Cyber Monday sale. American Airlines has added the ability to… Read More »

Verizon Offering Free In-Flight Wifi On Gogo and All Jet Blue Flights For “Connection Day”

Thanks to one of my readers for sending this along. Verizon is offering free wi-fi in a few different ways, along with some other goodies.  You don’t have to be a Verizon customer, though there is an extra gift if you are. They’re dubbing Wednesday, November 26th (the day before Thanksgiving) “Connection Day”. On that day only, you can get 30 free minutes of Gogo in-flight wi-fi if you happen to be flying that day.  I feel a bit of sympathy for those that have to brave airports at these peak… Read More »

Labor Peace Remains Just Out Of Reach For The New American Airlines

Screenshot 2014-10-28 10.09.55

Labor peace remains elusive at the new American Airlines, though relations between unions and management for appear to be as bad as they’ve been previously. It wasn’t long ago that Doug Parker, then CEO of US Airways, was working out deals with union members of both airlines, promising generous pay raises. Agreements are signed, a merger consummated, and some believed there might be a period of harmony between labor and management.  I was skeptical. The lines began fraying a while ago, and the gaps have been getting incrementally wider. The pilots… Read More »

Luxury Hotels Coming and Going For Hyatt and SPG

It looks like Hyatt may be getting their first property in Ireland, and it’s a nice one.  The Four Seasons is taking back their flag on an existing Dublin property and it looks like Hyatt is the likely winner of bidding for the new management contract. I was just in Dublin and at this property.   Though I didn’t stay there a colleague did.  The property is beautiful, but needs some attention here and there, such as new carpets.  But, the guest rooms are very nicely appointed and sizable. I… Read More »

Is It That Hard For TV Shows To Portray Air Travel Correctly?

Screenshot 2014-11-16 10.00.05

This is a bit of inside baseball, but as I’m catching up on TV with my wife, I came across another of those instances where television and movie producers are quite liberal with how they portray air travel.  No, this wasn’t like the movie Up in the Air, where they show a MD-80 (a small, single aisle plane) taking off from an airport before switching to George Clooney’s character sitting in a lie-flat seat on what presumably is a 767, a much, much bigger plane (and, vice versa).  But, even… Read More »

United Airlines Raises Revenue Requirements Again

Screenshot 2014-11-12 09.21.24

The legacy carriers in the US have long practiced a “me too” strategy, piling on what they perceive is a good idea from one of their competitors.  That’s why it was little shock to me any many others when United copied Delta’s recent increase in the revenue requirements for elite status.  Before I share my opinion, here’s the new chart: It’s a flat 20% increase on the amount of money needing to be spent to achieve elite status, or an average of 12 cents per mile flown. I’ll need just… Read More »

Help Me Decide Which Hotel Promo/Goal To Achieve

I need your help. Unless my schedule changes, I have exactly 4 nights left in hotels between now and the end of 2014 for work travel.  With my recent realization that I have Hilton Diamond status and the chance to earn 25,000 AAdvantage miles, I’m not sure how I should handle my last four nights.  Help me decide!  I’ll be tweeting out Starbucks to some folks with amusing/helpful answers.  Here’s some potential choices: Stay 4 nights at Hyatt properties:  This would leave me one night shy of the 15,000 point tier… Read More »

Southwest Is Asking Really Nicely If They Can Spy On You, Just A Little

Screenshot 2014-11-15 18.47.09

I don’t fly Southwest much but I am on the Rapid Rewards (their loyalty program) e-mail distribution list. I try to read as much of that sort of stuff as possible as I’ve discovered some pretty good random deals in e-mails and newsletters. Admittedly, it took me a month to notice this targeted offer for Hilton HHonors Diamond status. I noticed a little snippet placed in a fairly prominent spot for customers to see in the recent newsletter. They’re asking for your Twitter handle so you can help them “stay… Read More »

Hilton HHonors Gifting Diamond Status To AAdvantage Executive Platinum Members

Screenshot 2014-11-13 10.55.14

I really do need to pay better attention to my airline marketing e-mails.  Apparently, American Airlines is partnering with Hilton HHonors to target AAdvantage members for status.  I received an e-mail back at the end of September offering me instant Hilton HHonors Diamond status, their top tier: Usually this requires 30 stays, 60 nights or 120,000 base points, but I’m getting it for free until March, 2016.  I’m not sure why I was targeted for it but I wasn’t the only, which is the only reason I ended up figuring… Read More »