The Votes Have Been Tallied In the Domestic Upgrade Showdown. The Winner Of The Amazon Gift Card Is…..

I really appreciated Jeanne from Heels First Travel helping me out with the domestic upgrade showdown.  She made a valiant argument here, and even tried to leverage politics and claim I wasn’t democratic, but when the final votes were counted….   Yup, it was a smack down.  Unfortunately, our opinion doesn’t dictate what the final […]

Seems Like The Sports World Has United Airlines Pegged

Sports Illustrated dedicates a part of each issue to what they call “Breakout Perfomers”, athletes and sports personalities that were “Hot” or “Not” in the preceding week.  This week, they cited an NBA point guard named Jeremy Lin and his impending move to the Los Angeles Lakers by chronicling his past few years in the […]

Chase Sapphire Giveth And Taketh With New Changes

As reported by View From The Wing, Chase is removing the 7% annual dividend  from the Chase Sapphire card effective immediately for new applications. At the same time, they’re changing/adding other benefits: They’re increasing the trip insurance coverage from $5,000 to $10,000. Rental car insurance is now primary instead of secondary. I never got the […]

Help Me Make A Decision Whether I Should Mileage Run For United Premier 1K Status

This hobby of collecting miles and points can make you a bit mad at times.  I don’t mean mad in the sense of being angry, though there are plenty of disappointments with service issues and delays.  I mean mad as in having an irrational view of what the goal is. I’ve been a United Premier […]

If You Want To Get A Big Discount On Main Cabin Select On A Virgin America Flight, Try This Trick Of Not Buying It First

I don’t usually find myself on Virgin America very often but I was booking a ticket for someone in my company and came across a glitch that definitely worked in my favor. For those not familiar with Virgin America’s different seating choices, Virgin America offers an extra legroom product in coach tabbed “Main Cabin Select” […]

What To Say About Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

You’ve likely heard about Malaysia Airlines flight 17 crashing in Ukraine on the way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. I’ve been reading social media and occasionally commenting over the last few hours, but it’s hard for me to summarize the implications. The only thing I’m entirely sure of is how sad a time this must […]

More Info On The Hyatt Vegas Promo Plus Some Cool Giveaways

I got a bit more info on how the Hyatt #MakeVegasYours promotions will work.  There will be weekly contests on the site.  Everyone is eligible to enter by posting your responses on your Facebook page or Twitter feed using the #MVYEntry. There are also two giveaways Hyatt is sponsoring right now as part of this […]

How Much Would You Pay To Have Access To ALL The Customer Data American Airlines Has?

It’s really the other way around. I got an e-mail from Suzanne Rubin, President of the AAdvantage program today, with some information about a job they’re hiring for that’s likely a dream job for some folks who follow along here: I wanted to pass this info along in case some of your readers are interested […]

Hotel Review: Westin Crown Center Kansas City

Plenty of my hotel reviews have been from aspirational properties around the world that we’ve been able to enjoy as part of our family vacations. But, in order to earn enough points to stay at those properties, there were a lot of nights in properties that weren’t located beside a tropical beach or poised in […]