American Airlines Pilots Agree To New Contract

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With virtually all of the pilots participating in the vote, the union has approved the contract offer from management by a margin of almost 2:1. Initial reaction from the union after receiving 23% raises immediately, retroactive to December, an additional 3% increase retroactive to January 1 and another 3% next year? “By voting in favor of the JCBA, our pilots will benefit from higher pay rates. In effect, the pilots of American Airlines made a business decision,” Wilson said in a statement. “APA will now focus on further engagement with… Read More »

GIVEAWAYS: United Beverage Vouchers and Gogo Pass

I’m in the process of clearing off my desk, a daunting task I don’t seem to be achieving.  In the midst of that process I found a couple of United Airlines beverage vouchers with no expiration and a Gogo pass that expires at the end of June, 2015. Quick and easy, leave a comment here.  Let me know if you’re entering for the United beverage vouchers, Gogo pass or both. You can enter once per day.  I’ll draw winners on Monday, February 2nd, 2015. Good luck! The post GIVEAWAYS: United… Read More »

United Predictably Chops Some Partner Earning Rates

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United Airlines has released a large update to partner earning rates.  For most customers, I suspect earning rates will go down.  Across the board, it’s gotten more confusing for customers to figure out how many miles they earn. Wandering Aramean did a great job of putting together spreadsheets that illustrate many of the changes, dividing them into good and bad changes.  I picked Lufthansa and spent a few minutes comparing the new rates to the old ones.  This was for tickets that are not purchased on United 016 ticket stock…. Read More »

British Airways Changes: Is One Of The Best Values Going Away?

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I woke up this morning to a number of changes to the British Airways Avios program (after a night where our daughter was up sick most of the night, or I might have posted this sooner). View From the Wing has all the details, but here are the key points you need to be aware of : Mileage earning on most coach fares classes is going down significantly. K, L, M, N, S and V class fares all week earn 50% instead of 100% of miles flown. Q, O and… Read More »

Hyatt News: New Brands, New Locations

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There were a couple of interesting tidbits yesterday about one of my favorite hotel chains, Hyatt. First, they announced a new brand coming to the Hyatt family. Centric is to debut this year with properties in both the US and abroad. As others have noted, creating a new lifestyle brand seems a bit out of sorts considering the brands Hyatt already has in their portfolio. I’m guessing that market research showed them there was a segment that wasn’t addressed. On the flip side, it may be that there’s a larger… Read More »

The Birthplace of the Mile Junkie Takes A Victory Lap

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It’s called the House of Miles. It’s located on Frequent Flyer Point in Colorado Springs. And, it’s home to the original mile junkie, Randy Petersen. Randy announced his retirement from InsideFlyer magazine yesterday, and subsequently also retired the magazine itself, ending a 29-year publication run. I come to this news a bit conflicted. First and foremost, it’s an incredible legacy in the world of miles and points. Randy essentially created this niche, and with it thousands and thousands of followers. As Randy notes in his article, Flyer Talk, Boarding Area… Read More »

10 Days In Italy: A Day At A Venice Beach

Here’s a recap of previous posts and a list of what’s upcoming for our recent trip to Italy. United Airlines To Rome St. Regis Rome Vatican Osteria 44 Photo Essay of Angels & Demons A Quiet Meal At Cul de Sac Trevi Fountain (Semi) Closed For Business A Fast Train To Venice Tips For Sightseeing In Rome St. Regis San Clemente Island, Part 1 St. Regis San Clemente Island, Part 2 Hotel Danieli Antico Pignolo A Quick Trip To Murano A Day At The Beach How To Ride The Vaporetto… Read More »

Aviation Geek Fest On Sale Today at 7:00pm EST

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If you’re interested attending a once-in-a-lifetime type event for aviation enthusiasts, set your clock for precisely 7:00pm EST.  This year’s event features: Boeing  factory floor tour. Driving tour of the Boeing grounds, including the paint buildings, Dreamlifter Ops Center and the delivery center. Boeing Customer Experience Center tour VIP 787 Access at the Museum of Flight (not sure what this entails, but definitely piqued my interest) Here’s a more complete description of this year’s event along with links to recaps of previous year’s events. While I haven’t been to Aviation… Read More »

What Happens When Your Airline Loses Your Luggage?

Pizza-in-chief note.  This is a guest post by a good friend of mine, Nathan.  The airlines recently lost his suitcase and he reached out to me about constructing a post to help readers understand what to do when this happens to you.  Nathan has been actively involved in the Dahl Fund since its inception.  The Dahl Fund is committed to providing scholarships for aspiring young pilots.  It was started and continues to be organized by family, friends and colleagues of Jason Dahl, an experienced pilot who lost his life protecting… Read More »

$27 Discount on Amazon Prime, One Day Only!

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Amazon is celebrating the success of one of their Amazon original TV series by offering Amazon Prime for $72 a year instead of the normal $99, today only. While that face in the center of the picture looks pretty scary, Amazon Prime doesn’t.  Free unlimited 2-day shipping, tons of streaming video for free (something I need to take advantage of more). But, my current favorite benefit is reduced prices on Saturday and Sunday shipping.  I have an Amazon warehouse in my area which means I can order something from Amazon… Read More »