A Quick Mid-Year Check On Hotel Status

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Some vacation time and a very busy work schedule have kept me from checking my progress on hotel status at the halfway point of the year.  Now that I’ve had a moment to catch up, I’m fairly pleased with where I sit at the midpoint.  My goal was to retain both Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond status and Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum status.  I had a secondary goal of keeping my Starwood Ambassador who takes pretty good care of our family.  100 nights with Starwood would be a tall tale along… Read More »

Dulles Airport Updates: Train Construction, New Food Options, And The Invisible United Club Renovation

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I had a quick day trip yesterday that yielded some updates on my home airport of Washington-Dulles for those that find their way to the nation’s capital airport (or, the one 20 miles West of the nation’s capital). After many years of speculation, there appears to be actual dirt moving for the extension of the Metro Silver line that’s supposed to end up at Dulles Airport in 2018. For those that know Dulles Airport, this is over in the cargo area at the intersection of Air Freight Lane and Package… Read More »

And That’s What a Million Miles Looks Like

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A million miles is a lot.  And yet, I know plenty of folks who surpassed a million quite some time ago.  And, it’s not the 10 million Up In The Air Ryan Bingham fictitiously amassed. But, it’s my first million.  They always say the second million goes by a lot faster than the first, and at my current pace, it sure will.  I was putting together my mid-year stats and realized that back in April I crossed the million mile threshold.  Now, there might be a few flights I left… Read More »

Test Driving The New Briggs & Riley Accelerate Backpack

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The Accelerate backpack was the last of the 3 pieces I tested from the new Briggs & Riley items. I tested the Express toiletry kit. And also tested the new BRX international wide-body upright rolling carry-on. I’ve carried a backpack with my work items for as long as I can remember.  Going back at least 10-15 years, I toyed with a briefcase a few times but I’ve always preferred a backpack.  I haul around a ton of stuff and having two shoulders to carry it on always suited me better.  I’ve… Read More »

Getting Caught Up On What’s New In The Travel World

Our family just got back from a great 10-day vacation in Italy and I’m getting caught up.  There were a bunch of things I either missed or didn’t have time to touch base with all of you on.  You’ll find a list of them below, with my thoughts: British Airways fuel surcharges are one of the very few major bummers I encounter with oneworld awards, especially given the “friendly” partner pricing United announced last year.  View From The Wing to the rescue with a solution to help.  Do this today!… Read More »

Our Family Review Of The Movie Planes: Fire And Rescue

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The lovable Dusty is back with the release of the new Disney flick Planes: Fire and Rescue. This movie comes as our son is now midway between 3 and 4 years old and has become fascinated with planes, Dusty in particular.  When the first Planes movie came out my son was infatuated with trains and Mater (from the Cars movies).  He didn’t even make it through the whole movie, running around the theater and playing, finally needing to be removed so he didn’t bother the rest of the moviegoers.  Since then,… Read More »

If The Suitcase Fits….


I finished up my review of the Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Expandable Wide-body Upright just yesterday, but missed a very important piece of information. As pointed out by JohnSD and gobluetwo, the question was whether this suitcase would fit in one of the sizer bins you’ll commonly see at the gate before boarding a flight.  United actually purchased a bunch of new sizers for all their domestic US airports within the last year, which would normally indicate they were going to ramp up enforcement.  That hasn’t been the… Read More »

A First Look At The New Briggs & Riley BRX Rolling Carry-On


You may see a bit of a new look on Pizza In Motion.  Thanks to Denny from the Boarding Area team for the new digs.Please let me know what you think of it.  There are a few tweaks to make, but I like where the look and feel is going.  Do you? Briggs & Riley approached me recently about new suitcases they were launching and gave me a chance to have a first look before they were released for sale. I posted a review on the new Express Toiletry Kit… Read More »

Hyatt Drops Two Interesting Offers In My Mailbox. Keep An Eye Out

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You may see a bit of a new look on Pizza In Motion.  Thanks to Denny from the Boarding Area team for the new digs.Please let me know what you think of it.  There are a few tweaks to make, but I like where the look and feel is going.  Do you? From time to time I’ve seen Hyatt drop a few offers into my mailbox that I’ve considered jumping on, and as of late they’ve started to do it more frequently.  Last year I almost purchased a very reasonably… Read More »

Testing Out New Briggs & Riley Suitcases

I’ve been a Briggs & Riley fan for quite some time.  If you’ve followed along with my blog, you’ve seen me give away two Briggs & Riley Torq suitcases in the past year.  I’ve been happy with my principal Briggs suitcase for 6 or 7 years now and added to my collection over that time.  And, while I contemplated buying a Torq, I ultimately prefer a 2-wheel suitcase to a spinner. When the folks at Briggs & Riley reached out to me to test out some items from their new… Read More »